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Kaito Reinya
February 4, 2010, 1:18 pm
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Unacceptable! Did i really missed this?!? I think I did. Blame Seo Hyun then.

On November 2009 it was announced that an anime mini-series which the main character will be based on no other than Reina Tanaka herself. The anime is called Kaito Reinya that translates to Phantom Thief Reinya. The character is based on Reina’s looks and she will also provide the voice acting. This is the right and only way to do a Reina-based anime. Kudos to the people behind the project.

The first aired last January 2010 and is now at its fourth episode. I’ll try to redeem myself for missing this.

More info @ Hello!Online and Anime News Network

And of course here’s the Kaito Reinya episode streams @ YouTube

Kaito Reinya (怪盗レーニャ) Ep. 01 (subtitled)

Kaito Reinya (怪盗レーニャ) Ep. 02 (subtitled)

Kaito Reinya (怪盗レーニャ) Ep. 03 (subtitled)

Kaito Reinya (怪盗レーニャ) Ep. 04 (subtitled)