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Reina Tanaka is that hot!
July 22, 2010, 1:10 pm
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Reina Tanaka with fellow Morning Musume member Jun Jun sweetens it up above for an official Up-Front International photo card. Reina is the most honest personality within Morning Musume in my opinion. She tells you if you’re doing it wrong and or she doesn’t like you in general, a true yankii attitude according to her group mates. This attitude will regard Reina as unfriendly in common belief  but the reality is, it’s the opposite. Inside Morning Musume, Reina Tanaka is the most versatile member, she gets along with everybody, new members, junior members and her seniors. She’s tough, she ain’t afraid to take on whatever is thrown at her, she adjust to situations, she is willing to learn and do learn from her experiences.

The cute pouts above and the cool chick below.

In Reina’s words, she said that she doesn’t quickly get attached to a person, she warms up to them. This another one of the factor that makes Reina an ideal Morning Musume member, being an idol group with members that comes and goes, this sure is handy. Often she is a subject of romance between other members in fan fictions. She is that hot. Although she’s mostly considered as the man in the relationship, maybe because she behaves less feminine more than the others or she’s just manly tough. The reason could be nothing else than being because she is Reina Tanaka, and it’s how she rolls.

Love her dress below.

and  her royal hotness slumbers…


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Wish I Have A GirlFriend Like Her…XIII

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