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Reina Tanaka is a pink bunny!
June 14, 2010, 4:12 pm
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Reina Tanaka is again goofing around but this time in a very adorable pink bunny costume. If you ask me why Reina is interesting, then you are looking at one of the answers. She is known in Morning Musume as a yankii, derived from the word yankee which refers to Americans in World War II Japan. Today the term means someone one who has a western-mind and behaves less traditionally than most Japanese people or simply someone who is cool,rebellious and so gangsta. But Reina being yankii is just one side of her, she reacts to things randomly and she can pull off a look that she wanted, see the pink bunny Reina? or these pictures of Reina in a pink jacket below.

and below a picture of pink bunny Reina with fellow Morning Musume member Jun Jun who is wearing the same outfit.

and to end this post I have a picture of Reina Tanaka playing it cool!

see ya all later Reina fans…peace!


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Love You Reina Forever…XIII

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