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SNSD Seo Hyun Black Soshi
March 12, 2010, 6:00 pm
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SNSD Seo Hyun in a black tight and smooth outfit, now we are talkin! My girl Seo Hyun is the third girl to be released for the Black Soshi concept, first one was Yuri followed by SNSD leader Tae Yeon. Although there are no high resolution pictures available yet for the Seo Hyun set, this one picture alone clearly shows that SNSD’s new concept is really going to work. Seo Hyun reminds me of Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment, so we need a sequel! The plot is that they now have a daughter who still likes to steal things that are virtually impossible to steal, and the daughter part will be played by no other than Seo Hyun. Wow! This is so insane! I know I am. LOL. Rock on Seo Hyun!


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damn sexy

Comment by gameagentx

yes she is.

Comment by drifoy

Ohhh! nice breast

Comment by Draconis

gagu ka..bot lang kung kainchindi ka…ka bastos sa imu..
pota ka

Comment by gameagentx

Tagalog: P.I ka wala ka manners bastos!!!

English: Fuck u u dont have manners maniak!!!

Comment by DenJara

Tagalog:Uyy!!! wag kayo ganyan alam natin cute,sexy at iba pa pero irespect natin sila! pero cute,sexy sila PERO RESPECT PARIN!!!!!!! 🙂

English:Guys!!! dont be like thet we know that there cute,sexy and many more BUT WE SHOULD RESPECT THEM!!! but there cute,sexy and many more BUT STILL RESPECT THEM!!! 🙂

Comment by DenJara23

fantastic girl

Comment by Markus

yes she is! 😀

Comment by drifoy

She is so pretty!!! How could she be so skinny???!!!… ;(

Comment by Nicole

i believe she follows a specific diet plan (including the other members) plus the singing, dancing and all that hectic schedule. 😀

thanks for the comment 😉

Comment by drifoy

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