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SNSD Sexy Black Concept
March 10, 2010, 1:42 pm
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SNSD Sexy Black Concept you say? Yes the Girls’ Generation is going to reveal a new concept very soon. Some call it Dark Soshi, I call it the Black is Sexy concept. You probably had already seen a  teaser of it, it’s built in right in the end of their OH! MV. Yes, the one where Seo Hyun is on all metallic black leather and ridiculously high high-heels. The only problem is girl group T-ara and KARA is so already flaunting the black sexy concept on the KPOP scene. So what’s the point of SNSD doing almost similar if not the same concept? The answer is simple. They are So Nyeo Shi Dae. Even if their new concept involves them wearing robotic suits that looks like megatron and only their heads are visible, I will still dig it. And I know you will too. Because SNSD is SNSD be-otch!

^ I just did get very excited up in there. LOL.

On to a far more better new, Yuri is recovering. Get well soon Yuri-shi! and it was Tae Yeon’s birthday yesterday? Belated Happy Birthday Teonie! ^_^


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