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Reina Tanaka: In Her Post Valentine Pajamas
February 15, 2010, 5:58 pm
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It’s been agreed that I will try(hard) to avoid using cute(including kawaii) on my posts. But since there’s no other substitute adjective to describe the above photo of Reina playing cute and cuddly with the camera, I will revise what I have agreed on previously. And that is I will try to use cute and kawaii on my posts…occasionally. LOL.

Excuse my insanity above, but those Reina PJs are super cute, although I don’t remember her diggin’ the pink shade, I bet she got a kickasss purple or black version of the same exact PJs stashed away somewhere. And yes; it’s all sprinkled with hearts. My final verdict you ask? Those Reina pajamas makes me wanna tuck her in. Reinas-san honto ni kawaii desu! << Did I typed it correctly?


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Moe Factor Over 9999 LOL
Really cute, and that angry face… Oh god *nosebleed*

Comment by Tiberis1221

that’s the maximum level of moe factor right? XD thanx for visiting and have a nice day! 😀

Comment by drifoy

Sooooooooo cute I love him

Comment by DoOoDy

where did you get ur pjs?

Comment by Claudia Billa

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