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Her Royal Hotness Reina’s New Hair Is Super Hot!
February 13, 2010, 11:44 am
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And it’s straight! huh?!? I know; she used to wear her hair straight with bangs, I think that was during her audition days up to the Shabondoma era. But that was for a short period of time or shall I say, it’s very rare to see Reina without her neko-ears hairstyle these days. So my surprise is justified. LOL.

I’ve been a Reina fanboy for quite sometime now…hmmm…really?!? <_< Anyway, as I said before, she didn't caught my attention because she's kawaii, it's because of her attitude. So the first time I saw her I was like: “Whoa! That girl is so kickass! …and hella cute too!” or something close to that statement XD. But now this is beyond cute the same goes with Seo Hyun for they both have grown from sweet cuddly cuties (I’m only referring to Seo Hyun; Reina will probably break someone’s jaw if I say that to her) to become so very fine ladies. And on Reina’s case; it is imperative for Up Front Agency to produce and release a new Reina Tanaka photobook. Immediately.

She looks so good with that long straight hair that it makes me cry. It’s super hawt! She’s super hawt! Ain’t that right King Leo?


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Where did you get those cute Reina pics? :3 ”wanna know” I love Reina!! and If u wanna know I’m a girl so she’s my Idol XD

Comment by Reinachan

got them from the Reina Tanaka thread @ JPH!P forum. You can sign up and join. Tell them I sent you or something like that ^_^ thank you for the visit and the comment. ganbareina!

Comment by drifoy

uh is there like a picture thats clean for this one?

Comment by blahblah

yes there is.

Comment by drifoy

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