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There’s Something Wrong with Reina’s Hair
January 11, 2010, 4:47 pm
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the hotness reina tanaka

Is my new highlights on fire or what!?!

Well, she highlighted at as what she usually do from time to time. But as what a fellow Reina Tanaka fan had pointed out in the JpH!P forum, Reina’s hair has a bit stronger highlight this time around. Honestly, I barely noticed because I was so caught up with her thighs in the above photo. I don’t know if it’s just me or Reina’s thighs are looking much fleshy than before? I’m not complaining or what in fact, upon seeing it I felt that I have suddenly grown a perfect pair of fangs ready to devour Reina’s yummy thighs. Maybe it’s a trick of the eye because she’s sitting down. I don’t know but dayummmm girl! Your hair is on fire!

I need to calm down.

On the KPOP side. Girl’s Generation is expected to release their second full studio album this February…next month?!? Talk about early Christmas! but in my opinion it’s going to be later next month. Let’s just wait for the confirmation and the announcement of the official release date. Who’s not happy? I’m happy. As long as my girl Seo Hyun continues to strut what she got. I’m ecstatic. Oh hells yeah maknae!


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its definitely just because shes sitting down that her thighs look thicker, it happens to everyone

Comment by miaka5

Last post 1 year ago.. but well. Reina is going to become an full-blown woman. Almost every fan of her would have noticed it. At the age of 21, she is no more “underage” (even not limited to what only is already allowed from 18 yrs on).
What you see here is Reina personally reflecting a woman with a great aura, giving her a real presence. In other words she ‘s now really ‘dangerous’ because of all her female attributes – often described as the ‘female weapons’ – have become noticeable, effectively.

Comment by Bernd

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