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Seo Hyun is a Boy Magnet
December 31, 2009, 10:00 am
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Boy band member magnet that is to be more accurate. On an episode of KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio show year end special SHINee member Key, 2AM member JinWoo, BEAST member Son DongWoon and MBLAQ member Mir all admitted that their top choice is Girls’ Generation. Though the criteria is not clear to me, what? they like Girls’ Generation the most because of their über hotness? or because of their solidly undeniable talent? or both? for me it’s all of the above, and above all because of Seo Hyun.

To help make things much easier to understand please refer to the photo below:

Isn’t the maknae so adorable! and to quote the boys:

“So Nyeo Shi Dae is the romance of all guys.” – Mir, MBLAQ

“I like SeoHyun so much the password to the computer in the dorm is ‘SeoHyun‘.” – JinWoo, 2AM

by the way before I forgot the show will air today. If you are interested.

and Reina as usual have something to say: “She’s tall. She’s cute. She can play the piano. I’m envious!”

You don’t have to be my dear Reina all you need to do is wear some über hot short camo pantsu. 😛


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its not just the short shorts that make her attractive!@!!
its all her

Comment by gameagentx

i couldn’t agree more.

Comment by drifoy

not good the body! no curve at all.dont agree shes attractive. for me shes not.

Comment by lyn

nge! not pretty! dont like her.the body no curve.

Comment by lyn

What a twisted interpretation!!! They were asked to choose among the 91-line female idols — NOT SNSD, NOT ALL FEMALES, NOT ALL FEMALE IDOLS. JUST 91-LINER FEMALE IDOLS WHOSE NAMES WERE AIDED. EESH! GET ACCURATE!

Comment by Meg

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