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Reina and the fate of my fandom
December 13, 2009, 4:50 pm
Filed under: Radio, Tanaka Reina

As I have announced earlier a new light have shine down on me from the wonkyfied heavens although it’s a very rare advent, it counts as a very solid sign.

Ok. First things first…

Reina played Big Bang/2NE1’s Lollipop on Five Stars recently. Whooooooaaaaaa. Fandom mixing is disorienting.

Haha, at this rate Reina’s going to know more about Korea than Risa, if she keeps going down the Kpop rabbit hole. Come fall with us, Reina!

– Rayle @ Jph!p.com (Yes. I’m back on the board baby! Well, sort of…)

The bad thing is I haven’t heard a single Five Stars episode for the past 2 years. Sad. But look what I found recently, an Indonesian Tanaka Reina fansite who have Reina’s Five Stars radio show episodes archived plus a third-party live stream. Tanaka Reina Fandom Fate + 1!

The good thing is that Reina digs KPOP, wait! She does have a KpopWiki entry (that is so unrelated XD) but what?!? Well she played it on her radio show right? that’s enough for me and she better be at the bottom of the KPOP rabbit hole or I’ll push her down without a single doubt. Reina saranghae! Whoa! Speaking of disorienting fandom mixing. That is weird. But it feels good.

Lastly, in the old tradition of the wonkyfied fandomness, CJ did came looking for me.


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