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Reina has left the building…
May 27, 2008, 4:04 pm
Filed under: Tanaka Reina

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back…technically that is…but it’s been 5 months of hiatus for this blog and I think that is a very long time of absence not to mention the amount of stuffs that I missed.

I’m updating this blog to announce that I moved it to its new home at http://wonkyfied.net/ and will sure do continue with the Tanaka Reina fandomness. I’ve started the preparations for the content(not that much though) and made some new Reina wallpapers. I’m going to hype up my efforts this time and update the blog as often as I can

On the technical side(if you’re interested), all is well, I’ve updated WordPress to the latest version and installed some really neat plugins which I think will add some useful functions for the blog. And I’ve tested everything by the way and all is a go.

Please update your links(if you linked me), bookmarks(if you did bookmarked) to http://wonkyfied.net/ and RSS feeds.

Thank you and see you soon.

And before i forget, I will upload all episodes of Reina’s radio show on my blog, since i have a web host now there’s no more worries of download links expiring.

Long live Her Royal Hotness!!!


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