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Greetings Earthlings! Reina has now taken over your radio!
October 1, 2007, 12:46 am
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For 30 minutes every Wednesday at 19:00 – 19:30 Reina will be the DJ over at InterFM’s new radio show called FIVE STARS. I don’t listen or download recorded radio shows of Hello!Project members but that is about to change for I am eagerly looking forward to hear her Royal Hotness on air. Although it’s only a half hour show, it will be the most kickass experience over the radio with or without translations that is.

via Hello!NewsFeed

and before I forgot, Reina’s radio show has a Request & Comments Box, the form has English translation so it wouldn’t be difficult for us people who are day dreaming about learning Japanese.

Make sure to click on Wednesday before filling up the form to direct your message to Reina’s show. If I get lucky and got my message picked….damn! I can’t imagine how Drifoy will roll out of Reina’s tongue.

Thanks to Reanimation @ JPH!P.com for the heads up on this.

and still to continue with the Reina’s 5th PB fever, YesAsia.com is driving CJ nuts, but still he’s one fortunate impatient man for I am sure the photobook is on its way. I think a few more samples wouldn’t hurt.


and of course my personal favorite…


Oh my lovely Reina! ❤

Credits to winner @ JPH!P


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Hi mate, any idea on how to listen to Tanakacchi’s radio show live on the Five Star website? I tried to listen to on-air shows but doesn’t seem to work.

Comment by Beemer

I don’t think they broadcast it live on their website. There are podcasts but its for another shows. First episode of Reina’s show will be on-air tomorrow October 3, hopefully it will be recorded immediately, I’ll post it here as soon as its available online.

Comment by drifoy

I am counting on your request to get chosen from approximately a million requests? I really wonder if Reina can pull “Drifoy” off XD

Comment by Darkwinter

Hahahaha! Thanks again for the shoutout, brother.

Comment by CJ Marsicano

@Darkwinter: It’s against all odds but still I try to keep things positive. XD

@CJ: No problem man.

Comment by drifoy

It’s a good time to starting learning japanese. Drifoy, you can send a japanese request.

Comment by Beemer

^ I’m working on it man, I need to learn it to survive in the long run, I guess XD

Comment by drifoy

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