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Tanaka Reina 5th Solo PB – Girl: The Dress Code
September 29, 2007, 1:26 am
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To continue with Reina’s 5th solo PB fever, Reina is the youngest Morning Musume member to release 5 photobooks, if we’re lucky, at the recent rate of 3 Reina PBs within a year, she’ll release her 11th photobook at the age of 20. I spent half of the day watching the photobook making of video of it and man she looks gorgeous, so gorgeous that if you look up Tanaka Reina on the dictionary it is listed under gorgeous. I just said gorgeous three times…anyway, the photobook has a very interesting set of outfits for Reina so even though the theme and location seems so ordinary this is still going to be one hell of a photobook. I’m going to put in my thoughts about this photobook focusing on Reina and her outfits on it, like the way it should be.

NOTE: I’ll be basing my opinions about stuffs and how I see Reina’s outfits on the making of video of the PB. I’ll rate each outfit, 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest.

Set 01
I call it: The nice and clean set.
Rating: 3/5


This one is a simple yet fun outfit. It’s perfectly depicted on the shoot with that scrub thingy as a prop and Reina wearing her hair down. Reina did a rock n’ roll guitar pose with this one as well as a witch riding a broomstick pose.

Set 02
I call it: The lil’ summer girl set.
Rating: 4/5


This outfit looks really sweet on Reina. Nicely designed dress with summer-ish color and pattern plus Reina with her cute double ponytails. The cleavage shot(if it appears on the PB) is not necessary, it’s just me.

Set 03
I call it: The I am that sheet and pillows set.
Rating: 5/5


Cherry pink two piece sleep wear on Reina, can anything be hotter? This outfit works well with the morning ambiance and white sheets and perfect if those throw pillows are white as well. Reina’s hair are tied clean but I think it could have looked better when she wears it down. I pick this as the sexiest Reina outfit on the photobook. It’s very sexy yet subtle.

Set 04
I call it: The sophisticated girl set.
Rating: 5/5


Seeing Reina on this outfit is breathtaking. Black and white dress with matching hat and bracelets. Polka dots have never looked so kickass before. I love how Reina pulls off elegance and still keeps her genuine attitude. She looks so beautiful as it is feisty.

Set 05
I call it: The shades set.
Rating: 4/5


Polka dots black and gray two piece bikini. Reina’s hair looks gorgeous on this one. The sun glasses is a nice touch. I noticed that this particular bikini fits Reina nicely. Sexy and elegant overall.

Set 06
I call it: The out for a watermelon set.
Rating: 3/5


Nothing fancy with this one. Reina on pink and white top, denim shorts. I like the thin straps and lace on her top it gives an air of sexiness amidst its casualness and fun. She’s spitting out the watermelon seeds on the video then laughs, cute and funny Reina.

Set 07
I call it: The maiden set.
Rating: 4/5


I think this one looks really nice even though Reina is wearing her usual one side single ponytail hairdo. It’s a pale blue, dirty white and black dress that looks similar to one country’s flag? but I like it for it shows off Reina’s shoulders, I adore Reina’s shoulders, check out the header of this blog.

Set 08
I call it: The spunky set.
Rating: 4/5


The photobook won’t be complete without this set of outfits. This is Reina’s signature, NY baseball cap, tube top, baggy pants and blings. Black and purple combo, pure kickass yankii goodness.

Set 09
I call it: The sweet angel set.
Rating: 5/5


I so adore Reina’s skirt on this one. She looks really cute and angelic. Equipped with a very nice designed top plus a little head dress, it’s sweet as candy from heaven.

Set 10
I call it: The sunset is red set.
Rating: 4/5


Reina’s hair is set loose and plays with the wind. Red two piece bikini to intensify the atmosphere. Reina captivates the sunset and not the other way around.

Set 11
I call it: The land of the enchantress set.
Rating: 3/5


Barefoot Reina on a simple black outfit. Black bead necklace to match, the contrast of her skin make her shine in the middle of nowhere.

Set 12
I call it: The panther v.1 set.
Rating: 2/5


I didn’t like this two piece leopard print bikini. Maybe because it makes Reina too hot to handle for me. In fact, it attracted quite an attention not only from the fan boys but the media as well. It is very uncommon for Reina or Morning Musume to sport a bikini with this pattern. The matching head band is very Rika Ishikawa-ish, she looks almost similar to a wonky Charmy on one of my screencaps above.

Set 13
I call it: The vibrant princess set.
Rating: 5/5


I don’t know why I really dig this two piece neon colored bikini on Reina. I’m not a fan of Reina’s bikini sets, sort of I always prefer Reina’s other outfits over the bikini ones, unless she wears a camouflage bikini. But this one looks so perfect on Reina, summer sun vibrant colors and a cute little hair clip. She’s unbelievably adorable.

Set 14
I call it: The urban witch set.
Rating: 3/5


Black feathery dress with black hair tie to represent Reina as the queen of grunge darkness. Her feisty stares goes perfectly with this outfit. If I have the power over things, I will put this on the cover of Vogue for a year.

Set 15
I call it: The pink headlines set.
Rating: 3/5


Two piece pink bikini with a newsprint pattern design. Nothing out of the ordinary but we all know how Reina’s looks naturally justifies clothes when she puts them on.

Set 16
I call it: The flower power set.
Rating: 4/5


I’ve given this two piece white flowery bikini a 4 because of the flower design patterns on it. Reina usually wears plain colored bikinis on her photobooks or sometimes plain solid patterns like stripes and dots. This one is different, it has a cute and lady-like feeling to it, very Sayumi.

Overall, there are 16(including 6 bikinis) sets of outfits to compliment or test Reina’s beauty on her recent photobook. Dominant color is black and white, which I perceive as a Reina is naturally yankii, but still a beautiful maiden message.

There you have it folks my more than the usual effort to define why I am into Reina. Starting and finishing this post in one go made me hungry.


Tanaka Reina 5th Solo PB – Girl
September 26, 2007, 8:08 pm
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As embarrassing as it is I only found out about this yesterday. I was under an enormous lump of rock, that’s why. But now let’s focus on the matter at hand. This PB came out a month+ before Reina’s 18th birthday, I don’t know if that’s a good thing but it sure is making everybody happy. It might be that the PB will be more sexier than it is supposed to be. As I said before that it started with Reina’s Shojo R PB, her Alo!Hello is an exception because it’s Reina, sea, sand and bikinis, so sexy is a given on that one. But on this PB entitled Girl, by the looks of the samples and the caps it definitely raises the level of portraying Reina as a now grown up, mature and undeniably very hot lady. This is a peek on what Reina’s future PBs will be. Erase Shojo R in your mind right now, take a good look at Girl for it says I am Reina. On your knees fanboy!



Credits: ampedechoz@JPM and jompuan for posting it on JPH!P



Credits: Nouciel on JPH!P

Reina on Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A Summary
September 10, 2007, 11:03 pm
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It’s been a long hiatus but now I’m back on track and hopefully I’ll be able to update regularly. I haven’t done some Reina wallpapers, well I’ve made one but I’ll make some more to post soon. So for this update I’ll take a look on Reina’s replies on the Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A.

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 08/05)

Question: Are you more sensitive to heat, or cold?

Reina: Either one!! You know, I’m whimsical. (haha)

Being whimsical is one of the things I like about Reina, it makes her more interesting and reinforce that unique attitude she possesses. She reacts to things randomly, which is good especially on cam for the reason that it deviates from the script and kills Morning Musume’s so called manner mode.

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 08/12)

Question: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Reina: Chocolate★ Recently, I’ve come to like green tea flavor, too!!

Chocolate ❤ but green tea looks like an Aichan influenced flavor. I think Reina is getting it from her for free that’s why…LOL.

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 08/19)

Question: If you could transform into any kind of animal, what would it be?

Reina: A lion (male) because of its strength. I prefer a male before a female, as it has a mane.

This is one of those answers that makes Reina stand out from the pack. It’s an obvious answer, but I don’t think anyone saw it coming, if Mikitty was still in Morning Musume she would have chose a lion and Reina would resort to a cat or kitten, or a cub. Does anyone else smell the scent of the dark aura in the air?

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 08/26)

Question: Please choose one Chinese character, and tell us the reason you chose it.

Reina: 活 [Katsu/Lively] →→Um, well… I have fun and like to talk a lot, so I think I’m lively.

I agree with the I have fun and like to talk a lot. When Reina talks then laughs, it’s wicked.

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 09/02)

Question: If you could have a whole week off, what would you do?

Reina: I’d travel with my family!! To somewhere like Hawaii ★★ In Japan, to Hokkaidou!! We’d eat some yummy seafood ♪♪

The royal highness loves the beach indeed. Chilling out under the sun by the sea with Reina and the family plus seafood, one of the best seven days in the book.