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Belated Happy Reina Day! 07.07.07
July 8, 2007, 12:34 am
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As what ChiruChaCha had explained on the JPH!P forum, Reina’s name can be written “07” (rei = 0, nana= 7)

And yet another study kind of thing on Reina-san’s facial features, originally posted by ggliff on the forum’s translation thread but without luck. If someone could please translate to English what the labels says on the pic below so that we can have a never ending discussion on how beautiful and unique her royal highness’ face is.

tanaka reina face

and more

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Looks like that they tried to fix the balance of Reina’s face which I couldn’t get the point. I believe that if you fix Reina’s face especially her eyes she will lose 90% of her inborn charm. She’s looks so much better with what she have since birth, I was captivated when I first laid eyes on her, I would never change anything on Reina-san, I’m fully happy of what she naturally is and CJ is happy too.

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Without those lines and bits of text, that pic gives me a good idea of what her driver’s license or passport pic would look like. LOL.

Comment by CJ Marsicano

Reina-sama looks very sleepy in that picture XD.

Comment by Hotaru

I can’t read Japanese, but the red lines seem to be between the tops and bottoms of her ears. The vertical blue line is the middle of her face, the top horizontal the bottom of her pupils, the middle one the bottom of her nostrils, and the bottom one the separation of her upper and lower lips.

You don’t… really need a translation…

Comment by raiknii

@raiknii: what you said is the obvious of course. i ask for the translation of the labels to know what it says about the red and blue lines and not just about the position of each line as you have said for i’m sure they mean more than that. thanks for dropping by. come back soon.

@CJ: and you know its hot man.

Comment by drifoy

Hey, guys. I can read Japanese. The captions on the lines are honestly simply explanatory and offer no interpretation or commentary. For instance, the line over her ears says: 「耳の上を基準にした平行線」. This literally means: “A parallel line based on the tops of the ears.” This line is red. The other red line indicates the bottoms of the ears. Both are red so that one can easily pick out the two “ear lines”.

The other lines say:
“Parallel line based on the eyeballs (pupils).”
“Parallel line based on the corners of the mouth.”
And the vertical line:
“Perpendicular line based on the bridge of the nose.”

Reina. ❤

Comment by thekaje

Whoa, I didn’t even know the bridge of the nose was a muscle until I looked 鼻筋 up in the dictionary. OoO The characters mean “nose” and “muscle”. Thanks, MoMu! (^-‘)b

Comment by thekaje

Hmm… Rather than “parallel”–because the lines are not parallel, let’s go with “horizontal”, another meaning of “heikousen”.

And rather than perpendicular, let’s go with “vertical”.

Comment by thekaje

what raiknii was trying to say (i believe) is that u dont need a translation to know that whoever put those lines on her face was pointing out reina`s “imperfections”.

Comment by cc

tas guapicima

Comment by kellyng raquel poma acero

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