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Beauty is in the eye of the wonkyness
May 26, 2007, 4:43 am
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this is too early for my usual scarce update, starting off with the latest Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A

Q.Do you or don’t you like scary stories?

Reina: I like them, but they make me scared to enter the bath, so I don’t like that about them.

The bath? There are still a million things I have to learn about you Reina-san. Do you take a bath without the lights on? XD

and to continue with the usual contagious stuff, yet another big one for Morning Musume and Hello Project in general. And as I commented on Hello!Online
i don’t think mikitty’s actions could be judged between right and wrong or she being selfish or not same goes for the other morning musume members and ex-members who have been under fire by the media recently.

The issue here is morning musume itself and as a whole. the media go crazy over this stuff because it is the exact opposite of morning musume’s concept. morning musume, a group coated with rules and responsibility, brewed to appeal to the public. the total concept for it should have been clearly and fully grasped by every member that passed their audition. so for every behavior of a member or ex-member that breaks one of the rules it automatically becomes a feast for the media. when tsuji’s case broke out on the news she is referred to as an ex-musume in most instances regardless of the fact that she’s already a graduated member. i believe that the reason for this is that, incidents like this are considered as a weak spot for morning musume, which is a group being sold with an image of being daughters of japan. and of course that weak spot is where the media will hit hard.

And fans being hysterically angry over this or other similar cases and those who are mad about the people who kicks up the fuss over it is the oldest story in the book. And for the comment that states that the problem is, mikitty as well as the other members of morning musume are being expected to be saints. In my opinion, they are not saints. But the devotion to them as well as to the rest of the entertainers in the face of this planet that have a huge following on their tail should be considered and yes they are all worshipped as one. Without the fanatical fandomness there won’t be a single forum, blog or fanlisting dedicated to each and every one of them.

“Because she has the same aura as me, I want to cheer her on.”
– Fujimoto Miki on pimping Tanaka Reina’s Alo!Hello DVD + photobook on HPC, Hello!Morning episode 070211

ok now back to Reina-san, here’s a single Tanaka Reina wallpaper

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


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[…] Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Wonkyness. […]

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Truer words were never spoken. 🙂

Comment by CJ Marsicano

You took the words out my mouth. I agree completely.

Comment by Hotaru

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