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reina: daughter of japan
May 10, 2007, 2:37 am
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and yes i’m resurrected again so let’s start off with the Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A that i always miss…

Q.What were you often being told by parents when you was a child?

Reina: I’m quite talkative, so I’ve been told by mama that I was born
not from her belly, but from mouth (laughs)

very cute reina-san. no argument.

Q.Do you prefer sleeping on a bed or a futon?

Reina: A bed!! But I currently sleep in a futon…(laughs)

the futon looks nice but both will do if i would be given a chance to get comfy with you my highness reina-san. sleep in the clouds, i wonder how would that feel like.

and to continue, there’s been a lot of surprises for Hello!Project this year, aibon kickstarted it with a bang and nono followed on with a boom. i never mentioned stuff like this in here before no matter how big it gets on the news but the tsuji case somewhat relates to reina-san’s words on a specific Hello Pro Hour episode, EP 08 2006.06.09 to be exact. when tanakacchi told gakisan of her dream she said that it would be a happy wedding , as natural as well as devastating as it sounds it quickly installed a fear at the back of my head ever since. reina-san continued explaining it with a handful amount of pain and misery on my part. and to quote reina-san, i’ll be married when i’m about 25 or 26. and so i said no way!. but thinking about it now in relation with the recent events on H!P members, i understood that reina-san is just being reasonable. of course as stupid as i will sound, i know reina-san won’t be a musume or an H!P member forever, of course she will get married someday in the future for sure. i just want her to be a celebrity for a little bit longer and see more of the best from her highness reina-san. but time will tell, so for now let us continue with the reina-sama worship.

and to continue with the Kanashimi Twilight kickass goodness, i have two versions of Tanaka Reina: Kanashimi Twilight wallpapers made. grunge and bloody plus reina-san on a skirt, dare for more?

that’s it for me for now, ohayo and wonky powaaa!!!


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It’ll sadden me when she goes, but hey, it happens. I don’t know if I’ll like hello! project as much unless they get an amazing member like her, but I guess……oh well.

Comment by Hotaru

Hi drifoy.

Some people noticed that Tsuji’s husband looks like Reina, I don’t see the similarities though.

When Reina will be married, I just hope she won’t be pregger before marriage, like marry normally? But then I will still have to prepare many tissues.

Comment by Ren

@Hotaru: same here. i think reina doesn’t have thoughts about life after morning musume yet. well, we still have a lot of time to thought up a contingency plan maybe?

@Ren: i can’t see the similarities also. and yes i agree with reina being pregnant after the marriage, it should be in that order normally. in that way surprises can be avoided plus it will hurt a little bit less.

Comment by drifoy


Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


Comment by tovorinok

Heyya guys…
anyone knows what Tanaka Reina’s parents name is?
i’m just curious though..^^

and… does she has a boyfriend now?

Comment by Nonkymura

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