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gomenasai your highness reina-sama
April 28, 2007, 3:12 am
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that’s a full month of hiatus but no worries the wonkylove is all intact. so let’s start off with the Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A that i missed.

Q. What part of your body do you have self-confidence in?

Reina: My nails (because I like to take care of them♪). Otherwise it would be…my right eye?

i think it is your right eye my sweet, it is the one that wields the power overwhelming.

Q. What part of your body do you not have self-confidence in?

Reina: My toenails.(haha)

yeah, they are indeed weird looking.

and a little look at the latest single of Morning Musume, in my opinion it has the coolest set of outfits so far. each girl wears a different style and with a matching mix of hairstyles. i believe they look more appealing when they are not in a uniformed set of clothes. reina carries her part of the outfit so well that i want her to wear this type of clothes all year round and it’s not about the skirt, her skull earrings are very intimidating. the rock-feel of Kanashimi Twilight is sexy and sexier during the performances. so far there are three performances, music station, music fighter and one from Hello!Morning and yes, i am asking for more.

also next month’s edition of Hello!Project Digital Books will feature dear reina. the photos will be from her Shojo R PB released last year. for those who aren’t aware of the H!P digital books, it is a set of photos that comes in four volumes. these photos are i think those that are not published, some extra shots and unedited versions of images(without the text and stuff) that originally appears in the final photobook. i’m looking out for some new photos of reina in the schoolgirl outfit, more raw materials for wallpapers so all is good.

and here’s some of the reina wallpaper i manage to make sometime during the hiatus…

^ i don’t know why this one has a power overwhelming text on it, it just came up in mind when i was making it.

and again, gomenasai your highness reina-sama.