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a world of reina
March 24, 2007, 2:08 am
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i’ve been lazy to update and there’s a lot of stuff i want to put in here, i listed some of the topics on my phone and set them as a reminder lol. i’ve been busy and i it makes me feel like that i couldn’t keep up anymore with the fandomness, i’m even losing my pace on wonkyville. the girl is rumored to be not feeling well lately, get well soon reina-san. also, the Morning Musume Hawaii Tour kicked off the other day 22/03. i hope reina is well enough to work.

i never did pay attention to a certain member of a girl group before more than i do to reina now. she is not the first girl i noticed on momusu but she’s the only one who grew in me up to a level and continuously. she’s so interesting in mind, the sweetest eyecandy and good for the heart(she never fails to bring out a good laugh off of me).

there are things that i become interested in through reina, some of them would be Japan, the country and the culture, the language(which is giving me a very hard time learning) and i sticked around JPOP, it was Viyuden at first then Morning Musume pushed me closer into it at eight months now. And i never spent so much time in a forum before as i did. but it’s kind of a downtime for me recently, i never thought that i’ll be semi-lurking for this long but i realized that when you’re hooked on reina, you will always be hooked.

so here’s a few reina wallpapers i’ve managed to roll out recently:

i’ll try to make up with the updates for this blog whenever i can. i got Genki from the new Morning Musume Sexy 8 Beat album to keep the motivation plus the upcoming new single Kanashimi Twillight expect a kick-ass-coated PV for it by the way.


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plz let us know when the scans of reina’s alo hello become available. plz.

Comment by immrpopo

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