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Tanaka Reina Alo Hello PB Initial Scans
March 6, 2007, 12:36 am
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but first thing check out the Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A via Hello!Online NewsFeed

Q. What’s the thing you do every day?

Reina: Watching 1 of the TV shows I recorded per day♪

reina-san is a TV junkie? she don’t have any other choice but to record them due to Morning Musume’s tight schedule but i wonder what TV shows she’s watchin and don’t want to miss?

ok here’s some initial scans of reina’s recent alo hello PB but take note that these are not hi-res images like those usual PB scans…the complete set i think will be online within a few days or so, be patient for this few images are powerful enough to generate enough goose bumps that could screw up your sane mind.

loads of credits goes to Alienpyon for posting it on Hello!Online forum.

i think those three images can justify why you should buy Reina’s Alo Hello PB if you’re a non-reina/non-morning musume/non-JPOP fan but for reina-worshippers its mandatory…lol…if only it wouldn’t be confiscated by this country’s customs i would have it on my hand at this very moment…but what can i do if reina is just too hot for them…lol. move to Japan, i know.

reina on the latest Hello!Morning episode is just kickass cute as always…but she’s wearing the neko hairstyle again! i’m not saying that she doesn’t look gorgeous with it but she could easily kill fanboys when she’s wearing her hair down like those on the previous episodes. also, a reina-part on the episode was cut off but was shown on the preview. i don’t know if she asked the editors to cut it out for it could be a bit embarrassing for her. i understand reina-san.

and lastly fuck those baseless negative rumors floating around about reina! i don’t want to discuss how exactly the rumor goes in here for the reason that they are nothing but a sick product of someone’s mind who couldn’t come up with something to write and is most likely going to be beaten to a pulp by reina fans in japan and if in a very sad truth that the rumor is made up by a reina-fan…well, he must be ready to die.

gomenasai for the violent ending of this post.

i’m just overly conservative and sometimes violent when it comes to reina.


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She loves her TV that much I guess X3!

You know, I tried scanning my PB the other day and it went totally bleh, so now my PB has this (unnoticable to normal eyes, but will never escape a wonky eye) bent thing going on with the spine ;_;. I would seriously donate my soul for another copy if my current copy got bent to hell like I thought. And yes, it’s a must BUY!!! Sorry about the whole confiscating thing =_=.

She looks good no matter what, I say! I bet she’s killed (or nearly killed) plenty of fangirls as well XD *points to self* with her hair down. During the elegies time…wow, that was amazing. Too bad I wasn’t around to enjoy it fully (was on vacation). I was like “wtf” when I didn’t see the Reina part from the previews. Maybe they didn’t have enough time and since Reina did that thing with Koharu already, they just cut it off? I dunno, but I hope she was fine with it or as you said, maybe she asked for it.

When I read about that rumor, lol…I just walked off. I didn’t even bother shoving in my opinion cause it was so horrible. There was a similar rumor about Aibon a while, while back and I totally just crashed. Now I’m used to stupid shit like that. If it was by a fan…no, he can’t die…so easily. What type of fan would be like that?! Crazy? Sick fantasies?! Pfft T_T.

Meh, meh, no worries. I’m never a “Oh well, let it go” person when it comes to Reina. I might not say anything (like concerning that rumor), but I won’t be happy about it and definitely won’t give creeps an easy time about this or anything offensive at anytime.

I want to end this long comment (lol, really sorry about this, looks to be like half a page o_o) by saying that everyone who lives in Wonkyville should respect the Wonky Goddess and us Wonkies are not fun to mess with/nor here to be messed with!! *poses*

(Whoops, got outta hand XD *cough cough hides*)

Comment by Rei.rev.07

lol…that was a long read…can you that more often? thanx for droppin Rei.rev.07 see you at the Wonkyville and that pose…i can clearly see it as the don’t-mess-with-me pose of reina.

wonky powaaa!!!

Comment by drifoy

Are you on about the ‘overcoming a fear’ episode? When she’s with the dogs at the beginning. If you are I noticed that too and I really wanted to see that bit.

I’m a Reina fangirl too – *yay* and I have to say I prefer her with her hair down.

Any who – I must go and order that photo book.

Comment by Lolli

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