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RIO: reina information overload
March 27, 2007, 2:52 am
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sort of, it’s a wonkyfied version of RIO for RSS Information Overload. ok let’s talk about reina after all this a Reina-centered and Tanakachii-centric blog as CJ Marsicano puts it.

a few days ago there was a discussion on the official reina thread at JPHIP.com(currently on a temporary forum state due to technical issues) about reina being skinny and all. then i came across Paul Thomas’ article(via International Wota) about reina’s alo hello PB/DVD and mentioned concerns about reina’s recent weight status. in my opinion reina is naturally skinny being a bit filled when on her rookie years and gradually become skinnier. i don’t think the difference are that far. i believe she was in her very thin state during the Hello!Project Sports Festival last year. I agree that reina need to packed in something into her arms though. Over all i think reina’s health is fine, momusu’s schedule is that tough but they do proper exercises and stretchings before rehearsals and stuff. also reina as well as the other girls have one very obvious thing in common, they love food! tabita! tabita! can be heard very often. i won’t be surprise if a future morning musume single will be derived from it LOL. and a fellow JPH!Pstah mentioned on the reina thread: when there are news of the girls passing out and stuff on concerts and rehearsals, that is the time we need to worry.

now on the PB(still in relation to Paul’s post about it which by the way i stared at the pic he took of his reina goodies for like 30 mins) yes, reina is seriously kickin ass on the way she dress up. i’m still not over her Ecko and Fubu sweaters from the 6th gen audition video. reina conveys a very strong attitude through her outfits alone, regardless if its UFA standard issue outfits or not. here’s an example:


^ this is her show off my boobs top. if i’m not wrong, this pic is taken during their FC tour in Hong Kong. so far its my fave reina candid photo, she totally breaks my jaw on that set of clothes.

and below is the yellow version of the top. this is from her 2nd PB. spunky eh?.


to continue, in my opinion reina has a certain catchy dress style and being in morning musume didn’t made her to change that. in fact it’s regarded as one of her trademarks. the main thing that i see in terms of her recent PB is that she is portrayed in a very sexy way(the reason for the abundance of cleavage shots?). it started with her Shojo R PB as i said before. a lot of people was surprised upon seeing a sort of a new reina in that PB, and so it continued with this one adding the Hawaiian flavor to it. in the future, i don’t think it will be a surprise when reina’s photobooks triggers a forest fire. another thing, i know i have not watched that much momusu PB-DVD and making ofs but, how often do you see the taking off of shirt over a bikini being focused on, in slow motion and with mood music(as Rei.Rev had added)? LOL. i know it’s an Alo!Hello, i’m not complaining.

now i’m really sleepy. oyawonky…


a world of reina
March 24, 2007, 2:08 am
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i’ve been lazy to update and there’s a lot of stuff i want to put in here, i listed some of the topics on my phone and set them as a reminder lol. i’ve been busy and i it makes me feel like that i couldn’t keep up anymore with the fandomness, i’m even losing my pace on wonkyville. the girl is rumored to be not feeling well lately, get well soon reina-san. also, the Morning Musume Hawaii Tour kicked off the other day 22/03. i hope reina is well enough to work.

i never did pay attention to a certain member of a girl group before more than i do to reina now. she is not the first girl i noticed on momusu but she’s the only one who grew in me up to a level and continuously. she’s so interesting in mind, the sweetest eyecandy and good for the heart(she never fails to bring out a good laugh off of me).

there are things that i become interested in through reina, some of them would be Japan, the country and the culture, the language(which is giving me a very hard time learning) and i sticked around JPOP, it was Viyuden at first then Morning Musume pushed me closer into it at eight months now. And i never spent so much time in a forum before as i did. but it’s kind of a downtime for me recently, i never thought that i’ll be semi-lurking for this long but i realized that when you’re hooked on reina, you will always be hooked.

so here’s a few reina wallpapers i’ve managed to roll out recently:

i’ll try to make up with the updates for this blog whenever i can. i got Genki from the new Morning Musume Sexy 8 Beat album to keep the motivation plus the upcoming new single Kanashimi Twillight expect a kick-ass-coated PV for it by the way.

Tanaka Reina Alo Hello PB Initial Scans
March 6, 2007, 12:36 am
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but first thing check out the Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A via Hello!Online NewsFeed

Q. What’s the thing you do every day?

Reina: Watching 1 of the TV shows I recorded per day♪

reina-san is a TV junkie? she don’t have any other choice but to record them due to Morning Musume’s tight schedule but i wonder what TV shows she’s watchin and don’t want to miss?

ok here’s some initial scans of reina’s recent alo hello PB but take note that these are not hi-res images like those usual PB scans…the complete set i think will be online within a few days or so, be patient for this few images are powerful enough to generate enough goose bumps that could screw up your sane mind.

loads of credits goes to Alienpyon for posting it on Hello!Online forum.

i think those three images can justify why you should buy Reina’s Alo Hello PB if you’re a non-reina/non-morning musume/non-JPOP fan but for reina-worshippers its mandatory…lol…if only it wouldn’t be confiscated by this country’s customs i would have it on my hand at this very moment…but what can i do if reina is just too hot for them…lol. move to Japan, i know.

reina on the latest Hello!Morning episode is just kickass cute as always…but she’s wearing the neko hairstyle again! i’m not saying that she doesn’t look gorgeous with it but she could easily kill fanboys when she’s wearing her hair down like those on the previous episodes. also, a reina-part on the episode was cut off but was shown on the preview. i don’t know if she asked the editors to cut it out for it could be a bit embarrassing for her. i understand reina-san.

and lastly fuck those baseless negative rumors floating around about reina! i don’t want to discuss how exactly the rumor goes in here for the reason that they are nothing but a sick product of someone’s mind who couldn’t come up with something to write and is most likely going to be beaten to a pulp by reina fans in japan and if in a very sad truth that the rumor is made up by a reina-fan…well, he must be ready to die.

gomenasai for the violent ending of this post.

i’m just overly conservative and sometimes violent when it comes to reina.

Reina on Hello!Project Best Shot 16
March 1, 2007, 1:09 am
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INFO: Hello!Project Best Shot 16 is a DVD/PB release that contains a compilation of the making of and images of recent H!P girls PBs…some are new images/scenes not included in the original release and some are just the same. product entry on yesasia.com

reina’s part is from her Shojo R PB, there’s some new scenes in here which are not in the making of DVD of the PB, although this only last for 4+ minutes(same length as the Up to Boy videos)…reina is reina…every minute of her is precious.

and for some reina wallpapers, this was supposed to be up last night i fell asleep…lol…no specific series again this time…

kawaii and yankee

lovely and sexy

…wonky powaaa!!! and oyawonky!