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keeping reina’s storybook angelic image unshattered since 2006
February 23, 2007, 7:00 pm
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^ yeah…that’s my new sig tagline on the forum courtesy of someone’s post on reina’s thread. realistically, it’s difficult here on where i stand especially the idea of reina being an idol in the first place and the gravure branding written all over her but this where i choose to stand, i can’t force you to look at her the same way i see her, it’s your right to express your own perspective of her and it is my right as well to keep her sacred, so please don’t try to move me from where i stand on this for it’s the only thing i have of her.

alright let’s cut the drama, here’s reina’s reply on a recent Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A via Hello!Online NewsFeed

Q.February means Valentine! Please share some of your Valentine memories.
Reina: The exchange used to be popular at our school, and though I didn’t give any (:D), I always received a lot!

yes. she is destined for a great fandomness. no argument.

ok here’s some reina wallpapers, no specific series this time.

and these two is supposed to be for the upcoming My Morning Girl series of reina wallpapers, think of this as a beta releaseXD the series will be done when reina’s alo hello pb is available online, for the sample images now are too dark.

until next time…damn! the updates here is so scarce…

wonky powaaa!!!


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Wow! You just better and better each time, don’t you?

Comment by †Viriilink

just doing my best out of reina love. thank you for your support.:D

Comment by drifoy

Ahhh… thanks. One can never have enough wallpapers of his future second wife 😉

Comment by CJ Marsicano

(Old entry, but I just wanted to comment XD)

Love that line LOL and I’m with ya. For me, just the thought of her 18th birthday is like…oh no (I think you know what I’m saying). But I’m gonna enter that road before her, so I will do my best to watch over her (lol, I know I’m speaking weird, but interpretate stuff as you wish XD). But “little Reina-chan” will be an adult. Sorta amazes me how it seemed like it was only yesterday that we were both like…14 and I was running around in circles freaking out that I was older than her cause she looked older (in certain pics aha). Hey, good luck to her. Pretty much way too early for a b-day wish, but I really hope she enjoys it.

I Love those wallies!!!!! (as always!)

Comment by Rei.rev.07

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