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reina found me!
February 12, 2007, 4:10 pm
Filed under: Tanaka Reina

i wish!XD so the story goes, i was cleaning up my bookmarks on my work pc today and found one name that stands out amidst the sea of my disorganized bookmarks, and what is it you say?, american wota, and it was a perfect timing for the headline post goes Origin of the Wota Species, 2007’s Bad Start, and Akon Meets Reina. my heart skipped a beat, for when i found something that has reina in it, it just does that, lol. i read the post curiosly and discovered that someone stumbled upon my wonkyfied blog yay! a blog after my own heart….CJ Marsicano thanx dude!:)

now i realized that i never did go outside of JPH!P whenever i’m online(except when i’m @ work) my ass is glued on The Official I Love Reina thread…eventhough i’m on a lurking mood recently and temporarily.

for the meantime back to work. more reina goodness when i get home.

wonky powaaa!!!

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Thanks for the props, fellow Tanakachii worshipper. >:)

Comment by CJ Marsicano

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