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reina: of wonkyness and sleepless nights
February 26, 2007, 2:00 am
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done my hello!morning episodes marathon but i still have last week’s and this week’s episode to watch but that would be good for the next weekend. i was planning to do an hello!morning episode review with focus on reina, and yeah i barely got the time to watch them sort of i only watched h!m by bulk on my day off, pile by pile…lol. so the reina on hello!morning review thingie is kind of a longshot but is so worth a try.

ok here’s reina on Hello! Project 2007 Winter Gocoro concert kickin ass with Do It Now and sort of a camera-all-on-her version…check out the mic…gangsta wonky.(thanx to Thunderbolt for the heads up, i had this file lying on my hdXD)

gangsta wonky

and what do you do if you’re missing reina so badly that it makes you feel like going to Japan? get a life size cutout version of her of course! honestly the idea had crossed my mind before but i never thought that this exist. becareful though, you might freaked out when you wake up in the morning and see reina standing in front of you…lol.(credits to trezor on the reina thread for the pic)

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keeping reina’s storybook angelic image unshattered since 2006
February 23, 2007, 7:00 pm
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^ yeah…that’s my new sig tagline on the forum courtesy of someone’s post on reina’s thread. realistically, it’s difficult here on where i stand especially the idea of reina being an idol in the first place and the gravure branding written all over her but this where i choose to stand, i can’t force you to look at her the same way i see her, it’s your right to express your own perspective of her and it is my right as well to keep her sacred, so please don’t try to move me from where i stand on this for it’s the only thing i have of her.

alright let’s cut the drama, here’s reina’s reply on a recent Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A via Hello!Online NewsFeed

Q.February means Valentine! Please share some of your Valentine memories.
Reina: The exchange used to be popular at our school, and though I didn’t give any (:D), I always received a lot!

yes. she is destined for a great fandomness. no argument.

ok here’s some reina wallpapers, no specific series this time.

and these two is supposed to be for the upcoming My Morning Girl series of reina wallpapers, think of this as a beta releaseXD the series will be done when reina’s alo hello pb is available online, for the sample images now are too dark.

until next time…damn! the updates here is so scarce…

wonky powaaa!!!

reina found me!
February 12, 2007, 4:10 pm
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i wish!XD so the story goes, i was cleaning up my bookmarks on my work pc today and found one name that stands out amidst the sea of my disorganized bookmarks, and what is it you say?, american wota, and it was a perfect timing for the headline post goes Origin of the Wota Species, 2007’s Bad Start, and Akon Meets Reina. my heart skipped a beat, for when i found something that has reina in it, it just does that, lol. i read the post curiosly and discovered that someone stumbled upon my wonkyfied blog yay! a blog after my own heart….CJ Marsicano thanx dude!:)

now i realized that i never did go outside of JPH!P whenever i’m online(except when i’m @ work) my ass is glued on The Official I Love Reina thread…eventhough i’m on a lurking mood recently and temporarily.

for the meantime back to work. more reina goodness when i get home.

wonky powaaa!!!

Tanaka Reina Wallpapers: Over Effects Series
February 8, 2007, 7:33 pm
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it’s been quite a while since the last update so here’s a new series of reina wallpapers i made. as the title says, i definitely have gone overboard with the effects for this one, as far as my style is concerned. no new technique used here just a combination of a couple of old ones i learmed from tutorial sites and a few little ones i discovered myself, accidentally. also too much use of medium and large scale brushes here. kind of a lazy approach on blending the pictures as well…my bad…i should get my momentum on using the pen tool back again, hopefully soon. images are from reina’s alo hello previews and morning musume’s recent concert. i think this stuff will hold for now until the PB is available online.

oh and let me sneak in some old ones 🙂

wonky powaaa!!!