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the JPOP avalanche
January 28, 2007, 1:18 am
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i never thought it would be this hard to keep up with the fandomness and i’m not even one of em veteran hardcore ones. and for the fact that i’m only following one jpop girl idol group, morning musume yay! i still could barely get it together *sigh* but i guess i am too hooked now to bail out….100% wonkyfied by tanaka reina!!!

Reina Tanaka Alo Hello video previews is available @ Hello-Online tracker but you have to be a member to download it. I urged you to register!XD

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the previews are so insanely far more sweeter than i expected! so it is a win = win situation for reina…rock n roll!!!

also i will upload the new wallpapers tomorrow…got to sort out the agenda for this week first…let’s see if this GTD thingie helps:)

wonky powaaa!!!


AloHalo! Tanaka Reina Photo Album (with DVD)
January 18, 2007, 1:51 pm
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oh YES! oh YES! oh YES!

^ well i could fill this entire page with that but no…lol…i’m just so happy that finally we got the solid confirmation for the latest reina merchandise checkout the product entry @ YesAsia (thanks for the heads up reyfer!)

so its going to be an Alo Hello! PB with DVD and yeah it is going to be fully-packed with wonky sweetness! the wonkees are so going to go all out wonky crazy in the wonkyville @ JPHiP City. so it’s all good. but the problem is….i have to find a way to get a very tangible three dimensional genuine copy of this reina goodie…i think it’s time to take my reina fandomness up one notch.

Tanaka Reina Alo Hello! PB 2/01
January 14, 2007, 6:36 pm
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ok there is a PB for sure, but so far there is no product entry for it in YesAsia but only one in here in Japanese(link from girlie.reina). what’s up UFA?

on the otherhand, i’ve seen some 2007 Wonderful Hearts concert photos of reina and she is wearing her hair down! so the neko-ears hairstyle is out…well she did it one sided on the same concert but on some of the photos she is wearing the neko-ears like that in one of the superlive perf back then! neko-reina it’s back in the game…

Tanaka Reina Wallpapers: Vibrant Candy series
January 2, 2007, 9:14 pm
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here’s my latest series of wallpapers from the preview images of reina’s latest merchandise due on 2/14, and it looks like there is going to be a PB and will be released seperately rather than just reina’s Alo-Hello DVD. Now, that is good news!

the design for this series is just simple with more emphasis on vibrant colors, reina is wearing some delicious summer colors on her tees and bikinis so this time i didn’t have trouble with the color combination. I prefer the first and second wallpaper, on the first one reina is wearing the cool surf dreamer orange bikini which is really sweet. On the second wallpaper, its my fave pic among the previews this specific pic of reina is just so enchantingly beautiful and plus the fact that she’s wearing her hair down and with a flower crown….the goddess is her! by the way i had a hard time composing the design for it coz i was like too cautious not to ruin the pic.